Holding(s) in Company

Released : 19.02.2007 17:53

                                  SCHEDULE 10                                  

                   NOTIFICATION OF MAJOR INTERESTS IN SHARES                   

All relevant boxes should be completed in block capital letters.


1. Name of company        2. Name of shareholder having a major interest         


3. Please state whether notification indicates that 4. Name of the registered     
   it is in respect of holding of the shareholder      holder(s) and, if more than
   named in 2 above or in respect of a                 one holder, the number of  
   non-beneficial interest or in the case of an        shares held by each of them
   individual holder if it is a holding of that                                   
   person's spouse or children under the age of 18                                
                                                       BNY NORWICH UNION NOMINEES 
                                                       LIMITED (3,163,543)*       
                                                       CHASE GA GROUP NOMINEES    
                                                       LIMITED (7,765,890)*       
                                                       CHASE NOMINEES LIMITED     
                                                       CUIM NOMINEE LIMITED       
                                                       CHASE NOMINEES LIMITED     
                                                       CUIM NOMINEE LIMITED       
                                                       VIDACOS NOMINEES LIMITED   
                                                       *denotes direct interest   


5. Number of shares/     6. Percentage of 7. Number of shares/     8. Percentage of
   amount of stock          issued class     amount of stock          issued class 
   acquired                                  disposed                              


9. Class of security            10. Date of transaction 11. Date company informed
   Ordinary Shares of 325p each                             19 FEBRUARY 2007     


12. Total holding following this 13. Total percentage holding of issued class     
    notification                     following this notification                  
    17,701,943                       8.34%                                        


14. Any additional information 15. Name of contact and telephone number for       
    HOLDING INCREASED.             Teresa de Freitas                              
                                   Tel: 020 7200 7222                             


16. Name and signature of authorised company official responsible for making this 
    Teresa de Freitas                                                             
Date of notification   19 FEBRUARY 2007