TP ICAP Launches SURFIX™ Market Data API Service

TP ICAP Launches SURFIX™ Market Data API Service

05 Nov 2020


Our market-leading SURFIX market data feed is now live. This new service enables customers to receive all TP ICAP market data, aggregated across our business brands, via a single consolidated feed.

The service enables our customers to receive all TP ICAP market data via a single consolidated feed, rather than through multiple different feeds. 

In what is a market-leading move, TP ICAP shared FX, money markets, rates and derivatives data from its Tullett Prebon and ICAP brands with German bank, L-Bank. FIX has become the chosen electronic communications protocol of global financial markets and SURFIX, which is based on FIX 5.02, allows for a greater breadth and volume of TP ICAP data to be shared with clients via one single feed. 

Jonathan Cooper, Global Head of Sales, TP ICAP Data & Analytics, said: “By introducing SURFIX we are able to provide a fast and reliable stream of data directly to clients. As a major provider of market data, we’re able to share data for all security types, from all brands,  directly with our clients, enabling us to meet their enterprise needs and reduce the total cost of ownership.”

L-Bank and TP ICAP partnered with oraise, a leading information technology services company, to complete the SURFIX connection, enabling L-Bank to seamlessly integrate TP ICAP data within its workflow requirements. 

Manuel Räber, CEO oraise, said: “We are very pleased to have partnered with TP ICAP on SURFIX, enriching our SnapFlux market data hub with a valuable data source for our customers, providing them with ever more choices in meeting their specific market data requirements.”