A Voice for all

Our CSR strategy, A Voice For All, seeks to give people a chance in life by championing initiatives that boost social mobility by focusing on three areas: 


Recognising that aspiration and achievement are linked, where young and disaffected people have low expectations and poor confidence levels, they are less likely to strive to do well in education or employment.

That's why we support creative initiatives that inspire new generations and give them the confidence to succeed.


We promote skills development in the communities within which we operate, to increase participation in local economies.

Certain skills – especially digital and financial literacy and nunmeracy – are essential in life and have been identified by the OECD as increasingly vital to successful economies.

We are celebrating the third year of our strategic partnership with the UK charity National Numeracy, whereby we have committed to empower 250,000 people in the UK to improve their confidence with numbers by the end of year 2021. 


We are building the diverse and skilled workforce the financial services sector needs for the future.

Financial services has seen a sharp rise in skills shortages in recent years. At the same time, the sector faces challenges over low levels of gender, ethnic and socio-economic diversity in the workforce.


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