Provider of post trade capital optimisation & compression services

ClearCompress was founded in 2016 to disrupt the traditional post trade workflows, offering novel solutions and exemplary customer service to facilitate enhanced capital reduction opportunities. Being part of TP ICAP’s Global Broking division gives ClearCompress a unique and unrivalled network of opportunities and relationships across the sell side.

This translates into reductions in capital drivers such as Gross Notional, SA-CCR and IM and the ability to manage non-market risks including FX settlement. The results from our runs significantly outperforming those from other vendors whilst still providing tight control of value and risks.

Products and clients

ClearCompress is a global service supported by a team of experienced market professionals that covers a wide range of products and banks, both international and local.

Since our acquisition by TP ICAP in 2019 we have executed regular live runs in cross currency swaps, EM swaps and FX settlement and are launching new services in IR & FX options, repo and
cash products.

Founded and staffed by experienced traders and quants, ClearCompress can provide real structural solutions to these challenges.

Efficiency and power

ClearCompress’s approach provides clients a completely different set of trade-offs and opportunities, unlocking difficult parts of portfolios and enabling new solutions.

Focused runs with only two or three counterparties become efficient sources of compression and multilateral runs provide double or treble the results previously possible, even on  a like-for-like basis.

ClearCompress lowers barriers – even regularly compressed markets become viable sources of capital reduction.

Flexibility and control

Along with scheduled multilateral runs, ClearCompress offers flexible, targeted services providing control and automation around bespoke, client-led compressions.

This enables economically attractive compressions against counterparts that usually sit out cycles, or in situations that need careful accommodation of complex system and risk demands in order to allow compression to take place at all.

ClearCompress offers clients a flexible but rigorous control framework. Not only can PVs and risks be controlled at a net, counterparty, and book level but SIMM impact and cleared margin impact can be optimised.

Operationally, ‘hubbing’ can be simulated and by the appropriate choice of new trades, additional services such as migration from legacy CSAs or settlement types can be achieved in tandem with compression.


Clean and effective execution depends on a state-of-the-art matching process to open up mismatches within portfolios. This can be particularly important in local markets where complexities of products and trading systems make traditional matching processes inefficient.

Our process also offers complete flexibility in data formats to simplify integration and on-boarding as well as seamless STP workflows based on industry standards such as MarkitWire.

Finally, we use carefully designed rehearsals both to structure the compression with our proprietary risk language but also to carefully reconcile internal and external valuations and risk to accelerate fair, mutually agreed outcomes.