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TP ICAP Goup plc recognises the Standards published by the FICC Markets Standards Board (“FMSB”) embody generally recognised good practice in the wholesaled Fixed Income, Commodity and Currency (“FICC”) markets.

The FICC Markets Standards Board (“FMSB”) was established in 2015. It aims to help raise standards of conduct in global wholesale markets and thereby make those markets more transparent, fair and effective. The FICC is practitioner-led and owned and operated by the major participants in wholesale markets. The FMSB does not produce rules, laws or codes and has no statutory or regulatory authority.

TP ICAP Group plc confirms it is committed to conduct its FICC market activities (its “Activities”) in a method that is consistent with the Core Principles contained in FMSB Standards. This includes having internal politics, procedures and controls designed to give effect to those Core Principals where they are applicable to its Activities, in a manner that is commensurate with the nature of its Activities in the relevant entity or Jurisdiction.

For more information on the FICC Markets Standards board (“FMSB”) please visit