We seek to manage our business responsibly so that we remain well-placed to deliver long-term valuation creation for shareholders. This includes building a strong culture that reflects and promotes employee diversity and inclusion, fosters good conduct, and enhances risk management. Trusted, long-term relationships are central to TP ICAP’s approach to doing business. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity from all colleagues in all that we do.

Incorporating ESG factors in brokerage activities

We have embedded ESG considerations into the evaluation, and approval process, for new business initiatives. They are reviewed and scored through the Change Management Framework (‘CMF’) process.

The ESG questions in our scoring approach focus on emissions, gender representation, and asset class. The outcome is an ESG score that is considered as part of the overall approval process. Our Director of Sustainability is responsible for overseeing and applying the ESG scoring framework. During the year, four new business initiatives were deemed to be relevant for ESG scoring. None posed a significant ESG risk, or opportunity, for the business.

Read more in our 2023 Sustainability Update 

Our commitments

As a global business we are committed to operating in a fair and transparent manner, and recognise our responsibilities to our clients, shareholders, employees and the wider communities in which we work. We make our key governance commitments available on our website. 

How we disclose and report on progress

TP ICAP is committed to disclosing and reporting all relevant data and information related to our own ESG performance. Read more about our governance disclosures in our ESG Disclosure Hub.