Global Broking

TP ICAP's Global Broking division is the largest inter-dealer broker in the world.

We service clients in Rates, FX & Money Markets, Equities and Credit products.

As trusted partners with deep customer relationships, our brokers support trading strategies, identify potential trading interest, foster liquidity and facilitate price discovery. Market-leading technology platforms enable our brokers to incorporate large amounts of data and research into decisions.

Using their market knowledge and experience to observe and interpret events, precedents and probabilities, our brokers act decisively on real-time information to deliver the desired outcomes for our clients.

Our two core global broking brands, Tullett Prebon and ICAP, operate independently and compete with one another for the benefit of our clients. Both are recognised as world leaders in the broking sector.

The Liquidnet Credit business, including the Dealer to Client (D2C) proposition, is now led by Global Broking.

Energy & Commodities

Our global Energy & Commodities division operates in all major markets including oil, gas, power, renewables, ferrous metals, base metals, precious metals, soft commodities, environmental tax credits and digital assets

We offer our clients three distinct liquidity pools through three competing broking brands – Tullett Prebon, PVM and ICAP. 

Brokers assist across the value chain, from canvassing the market for expressions of interest, to intelligence gathering, negotiations and post-transaction processing. They also provide insights on the impact of unpredictable factors such as weather conditions, geopolitics and exchange rate movements.

Our businesses act solely as intermediaries – matching buyers and sellers – and focus on the quality of information, price discovery and trading liquidity they are able to bring to each client. 


Our Liquidnet division operates two brands: Liquidnet and Coex Partners. Together the businesses covers a broad range of asset classes, providing a sophisticated client base of hedge funds, asset managers and asset owners with agency execution services. 

As announced in March 2024, Liquidnet credit including the Dealer-to-client (D2C proposition) is now being managed by Global Broking. 

Liquidnet is a leading electronic trading network. It is a global specialist in cash Equities dark/block trading, with a growing Fixed Income presence. Liquidnet has more than 1,000 buyside clients, collectively managing US$33 trillion in equity and fixed income assets. Our network is well embedded into institutional workflows, including our signature institutional desktop trading applications, and via integrations with major order/execution management system.

Coex Partners is a trade advisory and agency execution service with a multi-asset offering including Listed Derivatives, FX, Government Bonds, Cleared Interest Rate Swaps and Cash Equities. Our professionals gather information, devise trading ideas, analyse potential trades, locate scarce assets, formulate pricing and execute trades in an efficient manner. By tailoring strategies to meet short and long-term goals, we enable our clients to manage their risk effectively.

Parameta Solutions

Parameta Solutions is home to our data and analytics business.

It is a world-leading provider of OTC market data, offering unbiased data products that facilitate trading, enhance transparency, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency. We help clients to make more efficient investment, portfolio analysis, valuation, risk management and compliance decisions. 

Rigorous quality assurance processes ensure the integrity and robustness of our products, which include pricing, reference data and analytical tools for major asset classes and markets.

Our offering includes real-time price information from the major OTC financial and commodity markets delivering high quality independent data in a number of asset classes including Rates, FX and Money Markets, Volatility, Oil, Energy, Inflation, Credit and Equities. 

The business is expanding it's product range, diversifying it's client base, and broadening it's distribution channels. In order to unlock value for shareholders we are exploring options in relation to Parameta Solutions, which include an IPO of a minority stake in the business.