Legal and Regulatory

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Legal and Regulatory

UK Money Markets code

The TP ICAP group has reviewed the content of the UK Money Markets Code (“Code”) and acknowledges that the Code represents a set of principles generally recognised as good practice in the UK Money Markets. The TP ICAP group confirms, for each of its Tullett Prebon and ICAP businesses which act as Market Participants as defined by the Code, that it is committed to conducting the UK Money Markets activities of those businesses (“Activities”) in a manner consistent with the principles of the Code. To this end, the TP ICAP group has in a manner commensurate with the size and complexity of the Activities, and the nature of their engagement in the UK Money Markets, established and implemented policies and procedures that accord with the Code (In so far as the content does not conflict with applicable law.)

UK Legal Entity Restructuring

TP ICAP is undertaking restructuring of its UK Legal Entities. This will result in the business transfer and closure of certain existing entities. From our client’s perspective, this may mean changes to the interacting Legal Entity, but all services will remain the same.

Business Transfer

In scope for Business Transfer and closure include Harlow (London) Limited and The Link Asset and Securities Company Limited. The two entities will transfer their businesses into ICAP Securities Limited.

Dates of Business Transfer

Harlow (London) Limited will see its business transferred on 30/09/19.

The Link Asset and Securities Company Limited will see its business transferred on 30/09/19.

Please check this page for any updates to this information.

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