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Financial markets are at the beginning of a structural evolution.  A new digital asset class is rapidly emerging with cryptoassets continuing to see huge interest and investment. Underpinning this new asset class is blockchain technology. A new way to create, store and transfer value. This value today is Bitcoin and Ethereum, tomorrow it could be tokenised equity, bonds or commodities. 


The rapid adoption of cryptoassets shows that this new technology has a key role to play in moving financial markets forward. Blockchain could give rise to an entirely new tokenised economy. 


TP ICAP Digital Assets can help put you at the forefront of this revolution - connecting you to this new asset class now and providing the infrastructure and standards you need to trade tokenised digital assets in the future. 

“Our new platform is a product of collaboration.  
By working with established experts,
we are modernising market structure to make digital assets,
such as Bitcoin, more accessible for the wholesale market.”

Simon Forster
Co-Head of Digital Assets at TP ICAP


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Liquidity and Information is at the heart of what TP ICAP does across financial markets.


A simplified route into cryptoassets with TP ICAP
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When you use TP ICAP’s digital asset platform, you access our post-trade infrastructure and custodial network.


With quality market insight you can reduce risk and improve trading efficiency


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