Financial Market Data 2024 Kickoff Survey

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Burton-Taylor surveyed our largest ever sample of global market data industry suppliers, analysts, technology providers, consultants and users to determine their estimates for market data spending in 2023, forecasts for 2024, and their thoughts on the latest industry trends and what's driving the market.  The results show an optimistic, but somewhat tempered, outlook for the year ahead, with respondents indicating that global spend will exceed historical growth rates in 2024. 

High Level Findings

  • Market DriversRespondents predict data usage will be driven by the increased ability of advanced technologies such as Generative Ai to extract intelligence from data and elevate our predictive capabilities to a new level.
  • ESG Data Demand – The industry estimated that demand for ESG data/analytics slowed considerably in 2023 as forces from both internal and external sources offered inertia to the recent rapid growth. 
  • Provider Challenges - Respondents predict traditional market data providers will face challenges to their business stemming from the rapid pace of change of technology and how it elevates the importance of data.

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