U.S. Corporate Bond Electronification: How It’s Altering Pricing Mechanisms | Price: $4,750

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Due to the increasingly complex nature of U.S. Corporate bond trading, traditional workflows and trading mechanisms are being supplanted by data/analytics-based solutions and intermediaries. This new data-focused step in the evolution of the U.S. credit markets provides an opportunity for all sides of the market to better utilize/innovate upon legacy technology and data: IDBs, pricing vendors, sell side market makers, as well as the buy side.

This report analyzes key electronic execution systems and platform providers with a focus on their differentiation and the pricing capabilities of each.

This report is designed to be a complimentary piece to the US Corporate Bond Electronification & Market Data Introduction Report. The two reports can be purchased as a research package here  for $6,250.  This report can also be purchased individually for $4,750.

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