Media Intelligence Buyer’s Guide – Notified PR Platform | Price: $2,000

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The Notified PR Platform is a public relations workflow tool, integrating monitoring of traditional, online, broadcast and social media, a proprietary AI-powered media contacts database, self-service or managed press release distribution via Intrado GlobeNewswire and posting to online newsrooms and social channels, together with reporting and analytics.

This Burton-Taylor Media Intelligence Buyer’s Guide provides an independent analysis of the Notified PR Platform solution and the company behind it, in order to help potential users of the service to make better buying decisions.

The Buyer’s Guide provides a systematic analysis of how the Notified PR Platform helps in-house and agency PR and communications professionals to track and analyze coverage of their own and their competitors’ brands in online, broadcast and social media; identify and interact with the most promising journalists and other influencers via press releases, newsrooms and social channels; and measure and report on the impact of their communications activities.

The Buyer’s Guide also provides information on the company's background, strategy, pricing model and competitive positioning in addition to presenting information on the Notified PR Platform in relation to over 130 criteria, all shown in a clear, easy-to-read presentation format.

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