US Treasury Market Reset: Rethinking the Behemoth

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The US Treasury Securities market is the single most important financial market within the global capital markets ecosystem and the lynchpin to a functioning global financial landscape. In the wake of the Covid-driven market dislocations seen during March 2020, central bankers and regulators have signaled that adjustments (or wholesale changes) to US Treasury market structure are necessary to improve the 'resiliency'  of this fundamental market ecosystem. 

A new Burton-Taylor report, US Treasury Market Reset: Rethinking the Behemoth, highlights the significant role the US Treasury market plays in the global capital markets landscape and the history of market dislocations experienced over the past few decades that have set the stage for the transformation occurring today. Additionally, this report explores the unique market structure driving the treasury market, the proposed regulatory initiatives to improve the US Treasury market's resiliency during crisis events, and what these changes might spell out for market participants in the future. 

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