Equity & Equity Derivatives

Combining our team’s extensive experience and expertise in equity options, we function as a resource for clients by tying in valuable insights and flows, compiling data points from qualitative and quantitative sources and crafting ideas through to monetization. Our efficient execution set up of high and low touch capability is complimented by strong relationships with liquidity providers in Index, ETF and single name options.


  • Analyzing market volatility and option order flow to convey intel derived from the information we filter.

  • We identify strategies for a broad client base such as pure volatility and protection, exposure to yield enhancement, directional risk adjustment, effective tail hedging and alpha overlays. 

  • Focus on clients who seek to extract alpha in a beta-driven market by devising optimal strategies using options. 

  • The team differentiates itself by means of assessing, understanding and interpreting price action in addition to managing mechanisms of execution and market flows intelligently and discretely. 

  • Continually navigate the volatility space by tracking term structure and skew and related volatility products such as the VIX used extensively for hedging purposes.


  • Advanced EMS platform utilizing a suite of sophisticated routing strategies to efficiently access displayed and hidden liquidity. 

  • Offering access to natural liquidity pools with elements of high touch for clients with a systematic bias.

  • Acting as an agency platform incorporating: Low touch and high touch execution incorporating speed, liquidity, price and transparency.

    • FIX Connection: Integration of our EMS into client internal OMS and ultimately with the portfolio , trade and post-trade systems, adaptable to the different proprietary technologies.

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