About Us

PVM is part of the TP ICAP Group. Together with market-leading brands Tullett Prebon and ICAP, we form the world’s largest energy and commodities broker.

Established in 1971 in New York to broker oil products, PVM is now the world’s leading broker of oil instruments. The company has offices in London, Vienna, New York, Houston and Singapore.

PVM’s activities cover Over the Counter (OTC) broking of swaps, forwards and physical crude oil and refined products. On exchange it covers WTI, Brent and Gasoil futures contracts. On a daily basis, PVM’s brokers handle more than 100 million barrels of OTC and futures volume.

In addition to broking, PVM provides consultancy, analysis, software, and training services.

PVM’s customers are major oil companies, independent refiners and producers, shipping companies, government agencies, trading houses, banks, and investment funds.

PVM employs more than 180 professionals drawn from all parts of the oil industry. They are in continuous open-line contact (both voice and electronic) ensuring full international coverage of bids, offers and the latest deals.