Crude Oil

For more than three decades, PVM has been the world’s leading crude oil broker. The company has been heavily involved in the development of all the commodity crude oil contracts, from Saudi Light through Brent/Ninian/Forties (BNF) to the current Brent and Dubai contracts.

The contract specifications for IPE Brent (now the ICE Brent futures contract) and OTC 15-day Brent (forerunner of the 21-day BFO (Brent, Forties Oseberg) were strongly influenced by PVM. Brent is now the global crude oil marker.

The PVM crude oil broking team is formed of professionals from oil, shipping, and futures backgrounds, with market-leading fundamental and technical experience.

The combination of futures and OTC broking teams working together enables customers to have a single point of access the most up to date information and prices from both markets. This distinct set up drives PVM’s standing as the leading execution only broker to the trade on the ICE Futures Exchange.

Petroleum Products

The PVM Petroleum Products group is based in London and Singapore. It covers the full range of refined products, including propane, butane, naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel, gas oil and fuel oil.

The global trade in petroleum products exceeds that of crude, and given refining capacity constraints and the world-wide trend for low stock levels, products are often the lead contracts of the oil complex.

PVM is distinct in the market by continuing to have a strong presence in the physical products market. This provides a rare insight in the underlying drivers of the swaps market.

Recognising the link between crude and products has become closer as the industry becomes increasingly sophisticated in trading arbitrage, refinery margins and crack spread opportunities, PVM offers an integrated, international crude and products broking service.

Reports and Data Services

PVM Technical and Fundamental Reports

PVM distributes daily technical and fundamental oil reports.

The Technical Report is based on the foremost drivers in may oil trading systems, particularly those following the ICE contracts. The report is e-mailed by 9am London time, every day.

The Fundamental Report provides comment on the crude markets, provides closing market assessments for Brent traded instruments and is e-mailed by 10.30am London time, every day.

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PVM Data & Analytics

As part of the TP ICAP Group, PVM leverages Parameta Solutions, TP ICAP’s specialist data and analytics division, to produce a wide range of specialist reports, data, and market information issued on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Reports cover market fundamentals, forecasting, global overview, and regional focus.

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Non-Oil Activity

Through PVM Commodities (a registered trading name for PVM Oil Futures ltd.) we provide broking services in Coal and Emissions.

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