“The strong and close relationships we build with our partners are founded on high-quality service on a daily basis, whatever the market conditions. Partners often give me feedback that one of our main strengths is our ability to adapt and innovate”


Senior Sales

We’ve been building strong relationships for a range of partners:



Corporates are key partners of ours.  To optimise their cash management and excess cash, they invest in risk-adjusted products such as structured solutions to get excess returns, even in a context of low interest rates.
From capital-protected to capital-at-risk products, we adapt our approach to meet your needs and advise you on the best investment strategy, completely tailor-made.



Insurance companies, pensions, funds: we work closely with these institutions knowing that have portfolio strategies sensitive to rising inflation and low interest as well as regulatory changes (Solvency, SCR optimisation).


Private Banks

We offer private banks a full range of high-quality services: from the design of innovative products, to creating marketing content, to salesforce training, to executing transactions at the best conditions for our partner. We also provide IT tools for private bankers to monitor their positions quickly and easily.  


Independent Advisors

Independent Advisors come to us for our expertise in wealth management. They know they can find, at TP ICAP Solutions’, innovative products which can differentiate them from other market players and powerful marketing content. They also have access to our IT tool for the product lifecycle of their positions.

    It is important for us to know your investment strategy and mindset, your favourite asset classes, and to assess your financial goals so that we can ensure we will create products relevant to you.

    This open discussion is always constructive because it lays the foundations of a strong and long-lasting partnership.

    After the first meeting, both our Sales and Structuring teams will have worked to find the best adapted solutions that meet your objectives.

    The second meeting sees our Sales team present a range of well-selected strategies so that our partners can choose the one that best fits its vision.  We also make clear the risks and returns targets to give our partners full transparency so that they can make an informed decision.

    The partner then selects their favourite investment strategy and the Sales team fine tunes the strategy in accordance with the partner’s feedback. 

    Once the fine tuning of the strategy is approved by our partner, we are ready to trade.

    Our Structuring team puts up to 20 issuers with whom we work closely on a daily basis in competition with one another so that we can provide our partners with the best levels.

    The partner confirms its order and we execute the transaction with the selected issuer.

    Once the product is traded, it comes alive. Our team monitors the valuation of the product, provides our partners with regular reporting and informs them when coupons are paid or when the product is redeemed.


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