Equality, Diversity and Discrimination

Version 1.0, 28 March 2018

1.1 Our commitment

1.1.1. The TP ICAP Group is committed to promoting Equality and Diversity and encouraging a culture that actively values difference. It is recognised that employees from different backgrounds and experiences can bring valuable insights to the work environment and enhance the way we work. TP ICAP aims to create a positive, cohesive and inclusive culture, where diversity is valued, respected and built upon. The objective is to recruit and retain a diverse workforce that reflects the global markets in which we work.

1.1.2. TP ICAP is committed to ensuring that it does not directly or indirectly discriminate against Employees, ex-Employees, or candidates on the basis of any Protected Characteristics actual, perceptive, or associative or through Personal Relationships. It will not tolerate any unlawful discrimination by its Employees. Nor will it tolerate any favouritism based on Personal Relationships (also known as Anti Nepotism).

1.1.4. TP ICAP is also committed to ensuring that the backgrounds, beliefs and cultures of all its Employees are respected and to ensuring that the working environment is free from discrimination, harassment, bullying or any other conduct which causes an Employee’s suffering. The Group also is committed to encouraging diversity amongst its current workforce and candidates.

1.1.5. TP ICAP operates a number of controls to protect employees from discrimination:

  • The Group recognises that Employees, ex-Employees or candidates who are subjected to discrimination or harassment and bullying are vulnerable and may be reluctant or afraid to complain. The Group encourages any Employee, exEmployee or candidate who believes that they are or have been subjected to any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying to report this to the local or regional HR function (for Employees, in accordance with the local Grievance Policy) .
  • Any Employee who observes conduct which they believe, in good faith, would reasonably be regarded as discrimination or harassment or bullying, are similarly encouraged to report it to their local or regional HR function. 
  • The Group will provide appropriate training, development and support to those of its Employees involved in line manager activities

1.1.6. In addition to formal controls and processes TP ICAP is also committed to promoting diversity and inclusion across the company and has developed an employee-led networking forum called “connect” which is tasked with promoting and celebrating diversity across the company including hosting events, co-ordinating training and development and networking to ensure any employee, from any background feels supported in the working environment.

As another step forward in promoting diversity we will in 2018 appoint a Diversity Champion from our Executive management committee to act as the senior sponsor for diversity and inclusion in our business.


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