Gender Pay

TP ICAP is committed to building an inclusive place to work, where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed within our Company.

As signatories of the Women in Finance charter, we have made a public commitment to increase the representation of women in senior leadership and management roles. We are pleased to report that we have met our target to have women comprise 25% of our senior management roles by the end of 2025 ahead of schedule. 

This represents progress, but we know that we have more to do. Our gender pay gap remains material given that we have more men than women in front office broking and senior management roles. Both these roles attract higher rates of pay relative to other positions. This therefore significantly increases average male pay – in the market and at TP ICAP – creating an overall pay and bonus gap. 

Increasing the number of women in senior and front office roles across the business is therefore central to closing our Gender Pay Gap over time. To this end, we are focusing our eff orts on three core areas – recruitment, development and culture. In so doing we will build a more diverse and inclusive workforce that will help drive our sustainable growth ambitions. 

I confirm the information and data reported is accurate.

Sue Maple
Group Head of Human Resources


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