Parameta Solutions launches market-leading new product, ClearConsensus, in partnership with PeerNova

Parameta Solutions launches market-leading new product, ClearConsensus, in partnership with PeerNova

10 Aug 2022

3 minutes


Parameta Solutions, the Data & Analytics division of TP ICAP, announces that it has partnered with PeerNova, to launch a new enhanced consensus pricing solution, ClearConsensus.

The new offer, available to TP ICAP’s global client base, has been developed with the input of some of the world’s largest investment banks. It has been launched in partnership with PeerNova, a Silicon Valley data analytics and management company, and brings a new approach to risk and regulatory capital management. The solution directly addresses some of the growing pressures faced by clients with regards to transparency and governance.

ClearConsensus leverages Parameta’s unique observable transaction data in its Evaluated Pricing Service. This data is integrated into PeerNova’s market-leading technology to provide users with an efficient consensus process that is accurate and robust. This unique collaboration enables clients to improve the quality of their fair value assessments, leading to more efficient capital allocation and optimisation.

Eric Sinclair, CEO of Parameta Solutions, said:

“At Parameta, our focus is always on leveraging our data and network to provide products that cater directly to our clients’ needs. ClearConsensus does exactly that. By working so closely with the industry and partnering with PeerNova, a market leader, we are providing clients with an effective, robust and transparent solution that cannot be found anywhere else in the market.  ClearConsensus provides banks and other market participants with crucial information underpinned by transactional data, that will enable them make better decisions with regards to capital allocation.”

Gangesh Ganesan, Founder and CEO of PeerNova, commented:

“We are very pleased to partner with Parameta Solutions and launch ClearConsensus. As a leading  provider of unique OTC content, with a global footprint in the derivatives market, Parameta Solutions will bring significant expertise when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements and enriching client data. Coupled with PeerNova’s data and analytics capabilities, our solution is uniquely positioned to improve the overall consensus process, helping clients better plan for the future. ”




About Parameta Solutions

Parameta Solutions is the Data & Analytics division of TP ICAP Group. The business provides clients with unbiased OTC content and proprietary data, in-depth insights across price discovery, risk management, benchmark and indices, and pre and post-trade analytics. Its post-trade solutions offering helps market participants control their counterparty and regulatory risks through a growing range of tools that manage balance-sheet exposure, as well as compression and optimisation services.


The Data & Analytics division includes the following brands: Tullett Prebon Information, PVM Data Services, ICAP Information and Burton-Taylor Consulting