Parameta Solutions and General Index to Launch Global LNG Pricing Service

Parameta Solutions and General Index to Launch Global LNG Pricing Service

09 Aug 2023

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Parameta Solutions, a world-leading provider of Over the Counter (OTC) market and transactional data, and General Index (GX), the world’s first technology-driven benchmark provider, are pleased to announce the launch of a new liquified natural gas (LNG) pricing service that will offer robust and transparent daily benchmarks to better enable trading between major LNG hubs.  

Powered by data from TP ICAP’s leading Energy & Commodities desks, Parameta Solutions’ waterfall methodology is implemented using GX’s leading benchmark technology. The Parameta Solutions Global LNG Basis Indices will offer an alternative tech-led approach to traditional journalistic price assessments. With GX acting as the independent regulated benchmark administrator, the indices will be available for use for price discovery purposes, as the underlying reference rate in financial contracts and in the clearing and settlement process.

Ovie Koloko, Chief Product Officer, Parameta Solutions:

“As the world continues along the path to net zero, LNG has emerged as the key balancing fuel that market participants are using to accelerate their progression. The market for this product has expanded, with volumes increasing as a result of geopolitical pressures on supply chains. As a result, what was once a niche, localised market is now a truly global one. Therefore, this collaboration to create a suite of benchmarking tools is necessary to help participants manage their risk more effectively.”

Neil Bradford, CEO, General Index:

"There is a natural fit between an OTC trade data provider and an independent benchmark provider. This innovative partnership brings new transparency and choice to the LNG market, and we believe it will be the first of many collaborations between our firms.”




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Parameta Solutions is the Data & Analytics division of TP ICAP Group. The business provides clients with unbiased OTC content and proprietary data, in-depth insights across price discovery, risk management, benchmark and indices, and pre and post-trade analytics. Its post-trade solutions offering helps market participants control their counterparty and regulatory risks through a growing range of tools that manage balance-sheet exposure, as well as compression and optimisation services. The Data & Analytics division includes the following brands: Tullett Prebon Information, PVM Data Services, ICAP Information and Burton-Taylor Consulting.


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About General Index:

General Index brings robust, reliable price transparency to global markets. As the world’s first technology-led benchmark provider, General Index aggregates trade data to build a full view of market activity, and then applies algorithmic index methodologies consistently, accurately and without subjective judgement. General Index is authorised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a benchmark administrator and complies with EU and UK Benchmark Regulation. 

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