Parameta Solutions Launches a Family of Interest Rate Swap Volatility indices

Parameta Solutions Launches a Family of Interest Rate Swap Volatility indices

10 Aug 2023

5 minutes


Parameta Solutions, a world leading provider of over-the-counter (OTC) market and transactional data, is pleased to announce the launch of a new family of Interest Rate Swap Volatility (IRSV) indices that aim to offer a robust and transparent daily indices in the interest rates swap markets.  

IRSV indices provide market participants with a forward-looking implied volatility measure for some of the most liquid option expiry, swap tenor combinations in the EUR and GBP interest rate swap markets. The indices will be powered by input data and analytics from ICAP, a leading interdealer broker (IDB) across the entire range of interest rate products, ranging from exotic options to short and long-term interest rate swaps.

Anand Venkataraman, Head of Benchmark and Indices Product Management, Parameta Solutions:
“IRSV indices are built on a theoretical foundation for measuring interest rate swap volatility, providing market participants with a model-free measure of spot implied volatility in the world’s major interest rate swap markets. Predictive power of model-free implied volatility estimates have been shown to have superior predictive power over other commonly used volatility forecasting measures. Such an approach to create IRSV indices will be able to assist market participants with accurate interest rate volatility measures, both when making investment decisions and when measuring investment risks.”

Will Ferguson, Senior Managing Director, ICAP G10 Rates:
“TP ICAP’s Global Broking business has a market leading position in Interest Rate Options markets for Euro (EUR) and Sterling (GBP). Central Banks hiking policy rates rapidly from near zero levels to combat rising inflation, and uncertainty driven by other regional events has created opportunity and volume in our interest rates business. A partnership with Parameta Solutions to develop innovative solutions like the IRSV indices will facilitate new liquidity opportunities and help us enhance our leadership position.”




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Parameta Solutions is the Data & Analytics division of TP ICAP Group. The business provides clients with unbiased OTC content and proprietary data, in-depth insights across price discovery, risk management, benchmark and indices, and pre and post-trade analytics. Its post-trade solutions offering helps market participants control their counterparty and regulatory risks through a growing range of tools that manage balance-sheet exposure, as well as compression and optimisation services. The Data & Analytics division includes the following brands: Tullett Prebon Information, PVM Data Services, ICAP Information and Burton-Taylor Consulting.


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