10th December 1993
2 charities
£288,195 raised

Our brokers donate 100% of their commission

ICAP Charity Day has made 2,847 donations

30 years of famous faces.

Without the ongoing support of our fantastic clients none of this can happen…thank you!

76% of the charities supported have an income of less than £1m

Thank you to our amazing charity partners who with their support have enabled us to contribute to more than 2,700 projects worldwide

In 1999 we went global!

45% of supported charities were able to broaden and expand their services

2002 - 10th ICAP Charity Day £13.508 million raised so far!

Medical & Health charities make up 33% of those supported

Follow the sun fundraising

17% of funding goes into Education & Skills

Helping to build communities after disasters

Making a difference

The whole ICAP family comes together to create an unforgettable day

                                                                                        2012 - 20th ICAP Charity Day £101.588 raised so far

Magic moments... only at ICAP Charity Day would you see...

22% of funding supported new systems and facilities

What do celebrities think of their ICAP Charity Day experience?

Helping charities leverage other funding

What do our staff think of ICAP Charity Day?

Children and young people make up for 32% of those supported

Supporting those with neurodiversity 

Supporting our Armed Forces.

1 in 4 charities provide relief from poverty

Supporting our environment

Our support isn't just financial

7.7 million people supported!

                                                                                           30th ICAP Charity Day 7th December 2022