11 August 2023

Changes have been made to the ICAP EU OTF Rulebook as follows:

  • Segment MIC modification:
    • Creation of a new segment MIC dedicated to Trade Registration (prearranged transactions): ‘ICOR’. The aim is to transfer all trade registration activity from TP ICAP EU MTF to ICAP EU OTF and Tullett Prebon Europe OTF, with the exception of cash equity and ETFs;
    • Once the transfer of pre-arranged transactions from the TP ICAP EU MTF to ICAP EU OTF and Tullett Prebon Europe OTF is effective, the segment MIC ‘TPIR’ of TP ICAP EU MTF will be deleted;
  • Removal of all negotiation systems other than ‘Voice’;
  • Replacement of the notion of ‘Self Clearing’ by that of ‘Self Facilitation’, with TP ICAP EUROPE (SA) now acting as Matched Principal Facilitator in accordance with point (2) of article 20 of Directive 2014/65/EU for the purposes of preserving the anonymity of transactions relating to Fixed Income activities;
  • Deletion of the notions of ‘Package Orders’ and of ‘Package Transactions’;
  • Reduction from six to three of the number of pre-trade transparency waivers:
    • Removal of the waiver ‘Orders held in an order management system (for iceberg orders) (OMF)’;
    • Removal of the waiver ‘Orders for the purpose of executing a physical exchange (EFP Waiver)’;
    • Removal of the waiver ‘Package Orders’ (Package Order Waiver);
    • Non-Equity - Large In Scale waiver update: MIFIR Art.9(1)(a);
    • Non-Equity - Illiquid waiver update: MIFIR Art.9(1)(c);
    • Non-Equity - SSTI waiver update: MIFIR Art.9(1)(b);
  • Reduction from five to three of the number of post-trade transparency waivers:
    • Removal of the deferrals ‘Other’ and ‘Package Orders’ - MIFIR Art.11(3)(b) and 11(3)(c) & RTS 2 Art.(1)(d);
    • Non-Equity - Large In Scale deferral update: MIFIR Art.11(1)(a);
    • Non-Equity - Illiquid update: MIFIR Art.11(1)(b);
    • Non-Equity - SSTI deferral update: MIFIR Art.11(1)(c);
  • Removal of CDS (C8) and Emission Allowances (C11) from the asset classes traded;
  • TP ICAP EUROPE (SA) address updated in section 24: "Contact Details". The new address is now: 42 rue de Washington - 75008 Paris.


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Capitalised terms used in this Market Notice shall have the meaning ascribed to them In the ICAP EU OTF Rulebook.

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TP ICAP (Europe) S.A.,
42 rue Washington
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