Interim Results 2022

10 Aug 2022

9 minutes


For the six months ended 30th June 2022.


Financial and interim management report for the six months ended 30 June 2022 (the "Period")

TP ICAP Group plc (the "Group") announces its results for the Period today. 

Nicolas Breteau, CEO of the Group, said:

"We have delivered high single digit revenue growth. We have also grown revenue across all our asset classes and increased our market share. A strong performance from Rates, helped deliver an uplift in profitability.

Our transformation continues at pace, including the rollout of Fusion, our award-winning electronic platform. Our focus on diversification is reaping benefits, too. Parameta Solutions is announcing today an enhanced consensus pricing solution in partnership with PeerNova and involving many of the world's largest investment banks. Meanwhile, at Liquidnet, our Dealer-to-Client credit proposition went live, as planned, in June, initially with a small number of clients ahead of a wider campaign. Trades have already been completed and key dealers are connected electronically via API.

We are committed to delivering capital efficiencies for the Group as a strategic priority. In the first phase of a review we are conducting following our Jersey redomicile, we have identified around £100 million of cash that will be generated or freed up by the end of 2023 and used to repay debt. Following that, and as part of the ongoing assessment of the Group's balance sheet and investment requirements, the Board is committed to identifying and returning any resultant surplus capital to shareholders.

Volatility has continued across many markets. Our core franchise, the depth of our liquidity pools, and our ongoing focus on our transformation mean we are well positioned in these market conditions."

Results for the Period

Reported / statutory results:


H1 2022

H1 2021










EBIT1 margin




Profit before tax




Profit for the period3




Basic EPS




Interim dividend per share




Weighted average shares in issue (basic)





Adjusted results:


H1 2022

H1 2021

H1 2021















EBIT1 Margin




Profit before tax




Profit for the period3




Basic EPS




Weighted average shares in issue (basic)




1. Earnings before interest and tax. For reporting purposes EBIT is equivalent to operating profit.

2. Earnings before interest, tax and depreciation & amortisation

3. Attributable to equity holders of the parent

A table reconciling Reported to Adjusted figures is included in the Financial and Operating Review.

The percentage movements referred to in the sections below are in constant currency (unless otherwise indicated). Constant currency refers to prior year comparatives being retranslated at current year foreign exchange rates.

Financial highlights

·      Revenue growth across all business divisions. Higher margin Rates business performing well;

·      We again increased overall market share;

·    Group revenue, excluding Liquidnet, up 7% (up 10% in reported currency); including Liquidnet, Group revenue up 12% (up 15% in reported currency);

·      Global Broking revenue up 8%. All asset classes generated revenue uplift;

·      Global Broking revenue per broker up 14%;

·      Energy & Commodities revenue up 2%. Strong performance in the US and APAC partly offset by decline in European Gas and Power in a "risk off" trading environment;

·      Agency Execution revenue increased by 58%. Excluding Liquidnet, revenue up 10%;

·      Parameta Solutions revenue up 6%. Data & Analytics again delivered double digit revenue growth (11%);

·      On track to achieve £25m of cost savings by the end of 2022;

·      Adjusted EBIT up by 15% to £142m (H1 2021: £123m in constant currency);

·      Reported EBIT increased by 57% to £99m (H1 2021: £63m); and increased by 74% in reported currency (H1 2021: £57m);

·   Adjusted EBIT margin, prior to Russian P&L charges, increased to 16.1% (H1 2021: 12.8% in constant currency); Including Russian impact, adjusted margin was 13.1%;

·      Reported EBIT margin increased to 9.2% (H1 2021: 6.1%);

Capital management highlights

·    Following our Jersey redomicile, we have conducted the first phase of a review which has  identified around £100 million of cash that will be generated or freed up by the end of 2023 and used to repay debt. This will increase our investment grade rating headroom and reduce future finance costs. The Board will continue to assess balance sheet and investment requirements and is committed to identifying and returning any resultant surplus capital to shareholders.

Strategic highlights

·      Continued transformation progress. On track to achieve Fusion rollout targets for the end of 2022;

·      Diversification programme continues, through the following three initiatives:

o  Today, Parameta Solutions is announcing an enhanced consensus pricing solution, leveraging our unique observable transaction data, which we will provide for our global client base. The solution will provide clients with enhanced data for risk and regulatory capital management. This is in partnership with PeerNova, a Silicon Valley data management and analytics firm, and in conjunction with over a dozen of the world's largest investment banks.

o  We are planning to launch (subject to regulatory approval) Fusion Digital Assets, an electronic marketplace for institutions.

o   In May, we became the first inter-dealer broker (IDB) through Parameta Solutions to administer over the counter indices and benchmarks. Part of our strategy to deliver more data driven insights for clients, including for their risk and compliance purposes.

·    The Liquidnet Dealer-to-Client (D2C) proposition launched, as planned, in June. The platform was launched with a small number of clients as the first step, ahead of a wider campaign planned for the second half. The Request for Quote protocol is live and the first trades have been completed. A number of key dealers are already connected via Application Programming Interface (API). This is an exciting growth opportunity for the Group.

·     New senior executives in place to increase the pace of execution. Mark Govoni joined in May from Instinet, where he was President of US Brokerage, to lead Agency Execution. Daniel Fields, previously Global Head of Markets at Société Générale, joined in June to lead Global Broking.


An interim dividend per share of 4.5 pence (H1 2021: 4.0 pence) will be paid on 4 November 2022 to shareholders on the register at close of business on 7 October 2022.

Near term outlook

The market environment to date in 2022 has been volatile. This has been driven primarily by monetary policy tightening to combat record levels of inflation, the war in Ukraine and recessionary risks in many countries. This has driven higher trading activity and volumes across most asset classes, which we have benefited from. However, as we often highlight, it remains difficult to predict future levels of market activity, given the highly uncertain macro and geopolitical outlook. Despite the uncertain backdrop, we are cautiously optimistic for the remainder of the year and we are well positioned. In Rates, our outlook is positive, and we will benefit further once activity shifts towards the longer-dated end of the yield curve. Within Energy & Commodities, we expect the risk-off trading environment in the European Gas & Power market to continue in the second half, particularly over the summer months. We expect improved profitability from Liquidnet in the second half.

Group revenue in July 2022 was 1% higher than the corresponding period in 2021, in constant currency.

Forward looking statements

This document contains forward looking statements with respect to the financial condition, results and business of the Company. By their nature, forward looking statements involve risk and uncertainty and there may be subsequent variations to estimates. The Company's actual future results may differ materially from the results expressed or implied in these forward-looking statements.



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