Women in Focus: Alicia Ng

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Current role:  MD, Head of SGD IRS

First role:  Spot USD/YEN in 1992

I came to TP ICAP (bit of background):  I was fresh out of school and it was my first job. I was recommended for the position by a friend who was working on the spot/yen desk then. I knew nothing about broking and started right at the bottom. Next year will be my 30th anniversary with the company.

My proudest moment at TP ICAP:  Performance wise, growing our market share from 5% to 35% on SGD, IRS, one of the most competitive desks. It’s not just the numbers that make me happy - it’s the teamwork and dedication I see happening behind the scenes that makes this memorable.

My inspiration is (can be a person known or famous):  Coco Chanel. I received a book on Chanel as a housewarming gift and learnt a lot more about the woman behind the brand. She was an extremely shrewd businesswoman and didn’t let the gender biases of her time hold her back. Chanel remains a top fashion house 100 years after it was created, and the Chanel Foundation supports causes aimed at improving the economic and social conditions of women around the world. I admire such a legacy.

If I could change one thing to advance women in the workplace:  We’ve come a long way since I first joined the industry but there’s room to do more. It is key to make our female colleagues feel heard. I’ve always encouraged the ladies I work with to speak up on issues they are not comfortable with, or ask for what they need to succeed. I think it’s especially important to identify female talent early in their careers and support them with the right platforms and mentorship.

Advice to my younger self:  Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’m extremely independent and take pride in doing my best for everything - because of that it’s taken me some time to learn that I don’t have to (and I cannot) do everything by myself. I’m proud to have a great team and they are growing by leaps and bounds. We take turns to support one another so nobody gets burnt out, and this helps us all thrive together.