Women in Focus: Jessica Krieger

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Current role:  Money Broker 
First role:  Board person/ Broker Trainee 
I came to TP ICAP (bit of background):  I came to ICAP after College and exploring options in private insurance and personal training. I was interested in finance and had a friend who worked in Money Markets at ICAP and knew of a position that may be open. Having been a scholarship athlete, I was used to pressure and competition so that gave me the confidence to pursue the position when I was offered it.

My proudest moment at TP ICAP:  My proudest moment was realising my ability to formulate and maintain relationships and acquire accounts of my own that would trust and believe in my ability. Celebrating 19 years here in October was also a moment of pride. 

My inspiration is (can be a person known or famous):  My inspiration is my Mother, Peggy Krieger. My mother started as a temp for Lehman Brothers when she was 19 years old. Having not graduated from high school she went on to achieve her GED, and moved up to end her career as a Senior Managing Director at CitiGroup. There are not many women that are in that role. She has always inspired me with her resilience, her confidence and her dedication to everything she did. No matter how busy she was with her career she was always there for anything and everything that was important to me. In a time where work/life balance wasn’t even a thought , she somehow managed to achieve it, although I know it was a lot harder than she ever let on. She inspires me when I am feeling that I cannot take another day of the grind, to continue to push on. 

If I could change one thing to advance women in the workplace:  I would make women in the work place feel more valued and equal. I would try to create a space that they could go for support and to feel understood. I also would like to see more women in managing roles, in my experience I have not reported to a female in my 19 years, I do not know of any women that run desks, that would be very inspiring to see for other women. 
Advice to my younger self:  My advice to my younger self would be to let me voice and position always be heard. The only way to be content and happy with where you are and where you are going is to believe in yourself enough to not allow others to dictate what is acceptable or good enough for you.