Women in Focus: Lisa Ward

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Current role:  EMEA Head of Sales, Parameta Solutions
First role:
  Account Manager, Tullett Financial
I came to TP ICAP (bit of background):  I came to TP ICAP following three years at Thomson Financial in 2003. I was looking for my next challenge, having learned the ropes in a Client Support role and was excited at the prospect of working at an inter-dealer broker.  Having spent time in dealing rooms supporting the end-users, I knew that brokers were at the heart of the market and the opportunity to create and license data products from our own IP was very appealing. 
My proudest moment at TP ICAP:
 When I was approached by a younger female colleague who asked me to mentor her. There was a lack of senior women when I joined the firm in 2003, so I remember what it was like making your way in a firm that was heavily male dominated. It made me realise the impact more senior females can have in an organisation and I felt incredibly proud that I was able to share some of my knowledge and experience. 
My inspiration is (can be a person known or famous):  My mum.  I know it’s a cliché but she’s a strong female and has always told me to go after what I want in life and be in a position where I don’t need to rely on a man for money.  Be your own boss! Since becoming a mother myself, I also want to be a good role model and inspiration for my daughter.  
If I could change one thing to advance women in the workplace:  I have been incredibly fortunate that TP ICAP has given me the flexibility to have a family as well as maintain my career.  There can be a feeling as a woman, that it’s not possible to have both.  Companies need to support women returning to the workplace to ensure that they are given equal opportunities, whether that’s around flexible working or promotions.    
Advice to my younger self:  
Believe in yourself!