Women in Focus: Saritha Annadurai

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Current role:  Head of Business Continuity, EMEA

First role:  My first role in the city was as an Application Security Analyst and changed my career towards Business Continuity.  At TP ICAP I joined as  Business Continuity Lead for the EMEA region.

I came to TP ICAP (bit of background):  To try a different working environment and enhance the BCM programme regionally.

My proudest moment at TP ICAP:  When my BCI article was shared on all TP ICAP social media platforms. This gave me recognition within the company and made me feel special too! 

My inspiration is (can be a person known or famous): Michelle Obama, she is an amazing woman. She went through a lot of hardship to get to where she is now. I really admire her journey, her willpower and her hard work to become successful. It shows that if you put your mind to it, you can become anything you want to be!

If I could change one thing to advance women in the workplace:  Believe in yourself! A lot of women lack confidence and fail to understand their self-worth. Never underestimate what you are capable of. If you strongly believe in something then make it happen, you may face challenges along the way but don’t give up!

Advice to my younger self:  Put yourself first! It is important to have some self-time and take care of yourself.