Market Notice 2022.001.ISWAPUKMTF

21 March 2022

21 March 2022

Market Notice 2022.001.ISWAPUKMTF

21 Mar 2022 12:00

The purpose of this Market Notice is to confirm that with effect from on 01 April 2022 the iSwap GBP SONIA Market will transfer from the iSwap EU MTF/SEF Venue to the iSwap UK MTF Venue, operated by iSwap Euro Limited.

The GBP Market Maker Incentive Programme will continue to operate under the existing terms after the Venue transfer. These are detailed in the Rate Card.  

Venue documentation is available on the iSwap UK MTF Venue page at the link below

iSwap UK MTF Venue Page

Capitalised terms used in this Market Notice shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the iSwap Venue Rulebook, Rate Card or iSwap Market Maker Programme Rulebook.

Please direct any questions regarding this Market Notice to:



iSwap Euro Ltd
TP ICAP Group plc
135 Bishopsgate