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What’s next for the OTC Derivatives Market in 2024

The global OTC derivatives market continues to experience significant growth. Ongoing volatility is driving market participants to find effective strategies for mitigating risks and exposures, while a remarkable wave of innovation is transforming the sector.

Energy & Commodities


A Belligerent Israel and Strong Gasoil Chase Prices Higher

The oil market exhibited its bullish twitch yesterday in frankly what was a rather benign news backdrop. Such twitch can only be brought about by geopolitical actions, or as in this case, words. 

Financial Markets


Liquidity Landscape: review and reform for 2024

European markets hit record highs at year-end, but light volumes highlight challenges in sourcing liquidity. Despite geopolitical concerns, declining inflation and robust economic fundamentals are shifting investor sentiment towards a softer landing, with central bankers hinting at rate cuts in 2024. However, 2024 presents headwinds, including key elections globally, rising public debt, and geopolitical risks affecting supply chains. Read the full report to discover more.

Financial Markets



MMO for September 18, 2023. Lou Crandall: The economic data continue to be encouraging from the Fed’s perspective but are not enough for the FOMC to take the option of a final rate hike off the table just yet.

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Digital Assets

Digital Assets 2023 

The digital assets ecosystem is going through a period of remarkable dynamism, moving from risky but exciting technology to production-grade, regulated business.