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Data & Analytics

Parameta Solutions

AWS Innovation with Parameta Solutions

Rushmi Katyal, Chief Governance, Risk and Controls Officer and Jacob Marlow, Sr. Data Engineer at Parameta, speak to Patrick O'Connor, WorldWide Prototyping Engineer at AWS to discuss their collaboration with the AWS prototyping team, where they harnessed the power of Generative AI and a server-less approach to their architecture, to establish governance at scale. 

Energy & Commodities


Between the Devil and the Deep Sea

It is 4Q versus 2024, supply deficit against economic malaise, the central bank of the oil world facing the central banks of the developed world. 

Financial Markets


Q3 2023 Liquidity Landscape: Moving on from MiFID

Geopolitics looks set to deliver continued market instability for the foreseeable future. During Q3,markets began to confront the prospect of interest rates remaining “higher-for-longer” as central banks reiterated their commitment to controlling inflation. 

Financial Markets



MMO for September 18, 2023. Lou Crandall: The economic data continue to be encouraging from the Fed’s perspective but are not enough for the FOMC to take the option of a final rate hike off the table just yet.

Financial Markets

Digital Assets

Digital Assets 2023 

The digital assets ecosystem is going through a period of remarkable dynamism, moving from risky but exciting technology to production-grade, regulated business.